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I agree to Meeanee School requesting personal information and obtaining records (including dental records) from the previous school. Any information collected by Meeanee School will be used by the school for enrolment and forms an essential part of the information held by the school on my child. The records made from this information may be viewed on request at the school. I understand that this information will be used to assist with the education of my son/daughter. The information collected may be disclosed to appropriate education, health and welfare authorities and for data gathering by the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act. It will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law. I give permission for vision/hearing testing and general health checks by the Public Health Nurse. This information may be transferred to another school if my son/daughter moves.

PARENT APPROVALS I / We agree that the school will take action on my behalf in case of sudden illness or injury. I / We agree that my child’s work and image may be used in school publications and or on the school website. I / We agree and undertake to abide by the Policies and Rules of the school and accept the conditions as described in the School Mission Framework, as a prerequisite of our child’s enrolment.